SOPA: End of the World

I am from the future and have seen this happen.

Once SOPA is passed, the following websites will slowly be shut down, and will not be able to be mirrored:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Livejournal
  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Steam
  • Wikipedia

America will be undermined from behind computer monitors by the people they elected and pay for. Your tax dollars will strangle you, and your beloved Facebook will disappear and so will everything else that could be interpreted as copyright infringing. If one person posts a picture on Facebook once SOPA is passed, the entire site goes down.

The people behind the bill don’t care about your petitions and rallies, they don’t use the Internet anyways.  They will take the money the corporations are offering, and go live in Alaska in their comfy log cabins. They don’t mind having a phone that rings off then hook in the office, they never have. They don’t mind giving up their integrity for a few hundred thousand dollars. They’ll sell out an entire generation for less than a billion dollars. They’ll never look back, they’ll never regret the decision, they’ll let you drown before they lift a finger.

When you see this, it will probably be too late. Other countries will become increasingly angry as their incomes decline. You can’t buy their products if the websites are gone! They will eventually become so angry, they will declare war on the Unites States, and the US will respond with threats of nuclear assault. Thousands of American travelers will be taken hostage abroad, and some will even be executed as examples. The same people that sold you out will resign to safety in tropical locations.

China will be the first country to launch attacks on the US. They will send over a bomb that appears to be a dud, but in fact will revolutionize warfare. The air will be contaminated with a chemical that slowly kills every living creature. Water will become toxic to humans, and their own bodies will consume them.

There is no hope. There is no way to save yourselves. You failed to preserve your own kind by falling slave to the electron. The time has come to pay for that mistake in the form of global censorship.


About hypesketch

I'm a blogger, I learned to write satire, and I'm interested in helping talented writers find jobs and other employment. I run a community blog that anybody can submit to.

3 responses to “SOPA: End of the World”

  1. SilverJediShade says :

    The Alignment will reverse the magnetic poles the sun will rise in the west dawn at golden gate may be nice picture faux to post the internet down from solar pole flip consequences best to plant indoor greenhouses to capture oxygen possible solar shielding time warp or gigantic black hole in the center with sun & earth 12/21/2012 one year Ť’minus and counting…

  2. Oz says :

    I hope that japan take down the USA


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